About Us


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"YOUR TRUSTED SEAFOOD PARTNER " and Overseas Representative.

Being in Seafood since 
1995​'s as Processors and Exporters ourselves

until  2000​ exporting to Japan, Europe, USA & Asia, We are Now the Export Representatives of,

about a 150​ E.U Approved,US Approved,HACCP, BRC Standard Processors and Packers of Frozen Seafood from India,  Bangladesh,Vietnam, Thailand and  ​Malaysia, Madagascar ....​

We have different contacts with Reliable Processors-Exporters of Seafood and have visited many of the factories. More importantly, we know who are the good and reliable ones and who are not.

We are a dedicated team, with each of us over 15 to 20 years of vast experience in the Seafood Industry.










The following reasons can explain the above question in the best possible way :

  • Wide range of Frozen Seafood
  • Stringent quality testing measures
  • Special care for hygiene and cleanliness of the product
  • Timely delivery of high quality seafood
  • Customer friendly approach

Storage and Freezing

We realize the importance of an efficient Storage and Freezing since we deal in the Frozen Seafood. Thus, there are adequate arrangements for the storage of the Frozen Seafood so that they stay fresh and are not affected by the natural agents like heat, moisture and dust which may spoil them and make them unfit for consumption. Heavy duty freezers are also installed at the unit for the effective freezing of the seafood.



All our packers are either HACCP or EU approved units with either BRC , 



As buying seafood overseas requires "Quality Control on the Spot",  ​

we check quality, weight, size, glazing, packing etc prior shipment and

also during production as may be required by you.



In short we provide the service that you are exactly looking for.  ​

We keep our "Buyers interest & Qauality To make sure of the same,

we always conduct our own inspection of the product before shipment. 

This we do even if SGS or lloyd's inspection is done.

Timely shipment and proper documentation are also taken care of.